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No one talks about the parents. Your only child is getting married to a person of the same sex. Oh God, what will Grandad say?

Vanessa is so busy putting a brave face on it that she hasn’t considered how she really feels about it, until now. Yes, she is happy for them, they have found love and are secure, but it’s not what she saw when her son was born.

She saw grandchildren, wedding dresses and, dare someone say, a normal life? This beautiful and tender examination of one mother’s thoughts as she approaches her gay son’s wedding reminds us that families aren’t perfect. But love is.

A Mother, Wife & Woman Of Colour. Vanessa is all these things and more. Today she watches her gay son get married. And then she dies. A story of love, loss & acceptance. VANESSA is one woman’s heartfelt, universal and joyous story of family.

This mixed-media, solo show by diverse theatre makers Purple Theatre brings music, singing and poetry together in an engaging piece of drama. The seldom heard voice of this black woman’s struggle takes centre stage as we celebrate and examine diversity.

The Cat's Back: 19 May, 5.00pm — 6.00pm,
The Cat's Back: 20 May, 5.00pm — 6.00pm
The Cat's Back
86-88 Point Pleasant
SW18 1NN


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