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Caius House have been working in partnership with The Garden Circus and their amazing team to develop the young people’s circus skills.

Without putting too fine a point on it, Wandsworth’s kids really do have talent! What better way to showcase it than in a youth led display of physical dexterity, agility and technical skill. Welcome then, to 'Unlocked': The show will feature the skilled young people of Caius House, focusing on a series of physical displays that will test the resolve, dexterity, temperament and agility of our club members to the fullest.

A hula hooping display will challenge performers to juxtapose rhythm and freedom with rigidity and timing, ultimately mastering a deceptively difficult skill in front of a rapt audience.

Our in-house cheerleading squad will bring that old razzle dazzle back to life as they tumble, jump, spin and cheer in a co-ordinated performance highlighting teamwork, trust, confidence and attitude.

An array of circus skills wielded with finesse and personality by our young Caius house entertainers. Show up and cheer our youth on as they perform from their hearts and hope to win yours.

Supported by Wandsworth Council through Wandsworth Grant Fund

The Big Top: 12 May, 2.00pm — 2.45pm
The Big Top
Shillington Park
169 Este Road
SW11 2TT


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