Marie Klimis

The Paper Traveller

What if books could talk? Go on a treasure hunt across Battersea Library and discover the imaginary worlds concealed inside books.

Through a series of pop-up books, papercut sets, intimate sound installations and live theatre performances, this immersive show takes you on a storytelling journey through books and explores what happens if you get lost in one.


Practical details: this experience is for one audience member at a time. Visitors are equipped with headphones and travel across the library spaces, exploring installations and meeting characters on the way. Audience members can start the show every 10 minutes and the whole experience lasts about 45 minutes.

Accessibility: the experience involves walking up and down the stairs and is therefore unfortunately not accessible to wheelchair users.

Suitable for audiences aged fourteen and above.

Supported by Wandsworth Arts Fringe through Wandsworth Grant Fund.

Battersea Library, Learning Suite: 5 May, 1.00pm — 5.00pm,
Battersea Library, Learning Suite: 9 May, 3.00pm — 7.00pm,
Battersea Library, Learning Suite: 12 May, 1.00pm — 5.00pm,
Battersea Library, Learning Suite: 16 May, 3.00pm — 7.00pm
Battersea Library, Learning Suite
265 Lavender Hill
SW11 1JB


Art + ExhibitionsSpoken word/BooksTheatre & Performance


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