Electrick Village

The Extension

'The Extension' is an immersive, sensory experience, enhanced by the use of virtual reality.

How important is your legacy? The piece explores the concept of digital presence after death. Is what remains more important than the precious time spent with our loved ones?

With the audience acting as the key piece to the puzzle, they are transported to the heart of an enigmatic story, heightened by sensory elements within a virtual landscape.

Two scientists, an undisclosed location and a secret to tell, they are in desperate need for your help. Are you the answer they're looking for?

Electrick Villiage is a full-sensorial theatre company comprised of Carly McCann and Ben Grant. They blend virtual reality technology with sensation-stimulating storytelling to create completely immersive experiences. We strive to question and explore the effects of technology on the world, and defy the limitations of modern reality.

: 06 May, 12.00pm ‐ 10.00pm,
: 07 May, 12.00pm ‐ 10.00pm,
: 14 May, 12.00pm ‐ 10.00pm,
: 18 May, 12.00pm ‐ 5.00pm
£10/£8 concessions. Book timed slots every half hour, one person at a time.


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