The Antique Breadboard Museum

The Antique Breadboard Museum

The first museum displaying more than one hundred exceptional breadboards, knives and related items dating from the Victorian period onwards.

The collection was amassed over 30 years and contains an impressive variety, some for royal occasions, family celebrations, harvest or travel souvenirs.

We have been described in Time Out London as surprisingly interesting!

And by The Times as 'the best thing since sliced bread'!

Also exhibiting at Putney Library 29 April – 3 June. Launch: Talk and Cheese, 5 May 3pm! After a brief presentation of the collection, cheese will be served on bread from The Bakehouse, Putney. 

Please book your visit by phone or email. Certain items for sale. Cream tea presented on a board of your choice. Maximum 4 guests per tour.


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Event Dates

9 May, 2.30pm — 4.30pm

10 May, 2.30pm — 4.30pm

11 May, 2.30pm — 4.30pm

13 May, 2.30pm — 4.30pm

17 May, 2.30pm — 4.30pm

19 May, 2.30pm — 4.30pm

20 May, 2.30pm — 4.30pm

Tel 020 8785 2464