Gillian English / Fragility Takeover

She Wolf

Queen Margaret was the original Cersei Lannister. She was the model for Claire Underwood. She was a woman so cutthroat and cold, she would give Lady Macbeth a run for her money. Only, none of that is true. The way we view women in positions of power hasn’t changed much.

From Hillary Clinton's emails, to Margaret of Anjou cursing the royal family, the way we view women in positions of power hasn't changed much.

People don't tend to realize that Shakespeare's histories are propaganda, and even 500 years later, very little has changed: Artists need to appeal to government for funding, leaders and ruled want to be praised, and women with power are more terrifying than the devil.

So here we are in the 21st century, and the question still begs to be asked: If all history remembers of you are the lies, does the truth even matter?

New Zealands Fringe 2018 Most Outstanding Artist WINNER

New Zealands Fringe 2018 Best of Fringe SHORTLIST

Fringe World Perth 2018 Comedy Award SHORTLIST

Adelaide Fringe 2017 Weekly Award WINNER

★★★★★ (The Age)

★★★★½ (Weekend Notes)

★★★★ (Rip It Up)

The Arches at St Marys Church: 18 May, 8.30pm — 9.30pm,
The Arches at St Marys Church: 19 May, 8.30pm — 9.30pm
The Arches at St Marys Church
High Street
SW15 1SN


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