Hot Air Baboon Productions / Fragility Takeover


Do you believe in love…the afterlife? -Ghost of Cher

Presenting the late, great Ghost Whisper… Séayoncé!

Join this mismatched mystic as she explores the spirit world (her drinks cabinet) and chats with those on the other side. Plus, regales juicy tales Steven Spielberg is gagging to buy the film rights for.

This dragtastic séance explores why we are so lonely and desperate, through the camp ecstasy of cabaret and character comedy. Let her open up your third eye, your heart and your legs!

The Cat's Back: 6 May, 6.30pm — 7.30pm,
The Arches at St Marys Church: 7 May, 6.30pm — 7.30pm
The Arches at St Marys Church
High Street
SW15 1SN
The Cat's Back
86-88 Point Pleasant
SW18 1NN


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