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Numbered Days

'Numbered Days' is an award-winning new play and the debut production of Theatre In Black. This modern love story follows Rebecca and Charlotte as they fall in love five-thousand miles apart.

Rebecca, an oncology student from England, and Charlotte, an Irish fashion student now studying in Los Angeles, met by chance online. As their relationship develops from platonic to romantic, they finally decide to meet in person. However, with life and university schedules getting in the way, that won’t happen for another five months.

Without any knowledge of what the future may hold, Rebecca and Charlotte book a flight and agree to make it work. However, cracks begin to show when issues of trust present new challenges for the relationship. Soon the pressure of their situation leaves Rebecca and Charlotte questioning whether they can hold on for those five months, and if they do, what happens when they inevitably separate again?

'Numbered Days' is a stark look at love in the digital age, exploring long-distance/online relationships and questioning whether love really can over come anything.

The Cat's Back: 18 May, 9.30pm — 10.50pm,
The Cat's Back: 19 May, 9.30pm — 10.50pm
The Cat's Back
86-88 Point Pleasant
SW18 1NN


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