Hannah Need, The Storyteller of Southfields

Not All Princesses Wear Pink

I was a football playing, grubby kneed tomboy who also loved to play with dolls. I definitely didn't want to be a princess when I grew up. So where were my fairy tale heroes?

Cinderella? Dancing with a prince? No thank you!

Rapunzel? Waiting to be rescued? No thank you and far too much hair.

But now I tell stories and escape into other worlds, finding anything and everything I need. Why not come along for the ride? You'll giggle, pause for thought, laugh out loud and perhaps shed a tear.

In Hannah's latest show traditional tales are retold for grown ups. In this fun mix we find unlikely heroines, rewrite history and meet a very tough princess after all 'Not All Princesses Wear Pink'.

'Hannah was amazing!'

'A fantastic evening listening to stories. Hannah's stories are simple, emotional, truthful and real.'

(WAF 2017, audience feedback)

The Alma Hotel : 7 May, 8.00pm — 9.30pm
The Alma Hotel
499 Old York Road
SW18 1TF


Spoken word/Books

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