Dawn Ellis

Monstrous Tales: Live storytelling and music

Once upon a time, something terrible happened!

Prepare for an evening of unexpected twists and hanging on to the very end in the company of masterful storytellers Dawn Ellis and company, with rhythm-meister Tom Morley and musician friends.

As the Wild comes out of the shadows and twines its tail around us once more, these stories will tickle your funny bone, send shivers up your spine, and then warm your heart up all over again. Prepare for the normal world to be capsized as you are transported into ancient and parallel universes. For adults and older children.

Live Storytelling has been having a noticeable renaissance. We’re talking non-digital, immediate, face to face, adult and edgy – the oral tradition that’s been around for 5000 years. It’s become a ‘thing’, from Spoken Word events to poetry performances and traditional storytelling.

Tom's rhythms set up a trance-like mood from the start, and a poet's language and spell-binding voice inhabits the characters. Images sharp and clear – unforgettable as in a haiku – form a dream world with a transgressive ending.


Theatre / Performance

Event Dates

5 May, 8.00pm — 9.30pm

Tel 078896 54024