Gráinne Gillis / Fragility Takeover

Mezzo Sings the Bard

If Shakespeare had been able to see into the future, what would the 'mightiest poet of all time', as Richard Wagner called him, have made of the operas inspired by his works?

Would he have embraced women as prima donnas being front and centre, and been tickled by the tradition of travesti (women in trousers)?

From the Dream of Midsummer's Night to the nightmares of Lady Macbeth, encompassing Purcell to Porter, through the shipwrecks of tempests on the isle full of noises and the temptations of portly charlatans in the Garter Inn, Gráinne Gillis takes you on a personal odyssey through time, theatre, space, opera and Shakespeare – as this Mezzo sings the Bard. Mark the music.

The Cat's Back: 11 May, 9.30pm — 10.30pm,
The Cat's Back: 13 May, 9.30pm — 10.30pm
The Cat's Back
86-88 Point Pleasant
SW18 1NN


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