Fayre Players | Battersea Circus Garden

Malcolm and the Storydrivers

One very special Campervan, a huddle of storydrivers and 967 building blocks... Where will it go?

Join Jack and Mads on a live story-making adventure, as through curious means we shrink into narratives that bring a miniature world to life. Set within their mystically beguiling and marvellously quirky VW Campervan ‘Malcolm’, you are invited to re-imagine the space that hosts you; meeting a cargo of characters as we travel to lands stretching far and wide.

Malcolm and the Storydrivers is a participatory piece that seeks collaborators and innovators to drive its narrative. As we build our adventure together, you the audience become storytellers; problem solving, sharing ideas of what comes next, and designing and constructing the fantastical objects you have thought up.

What will you conjure and create?


Children / Family


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Event Dates

6 May, 1.00pm — 1.30pm

6 May, 3.00pm — 3.30pm

6 May, 4.15pm — 4.45pm

7 May, 4.00pm — 4.30pm

7 May, 2.15pm — 2.45pm

7 May, 1.00pm — 1.30pm