Holly Delefortrie / Fragility Takeover

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

A semi-improvised, interactive clowning show where audience and performer ‘date’ and explore the different stages of a relationship through a series of interactive games.

'I'll Be Your Baby Tonight' takes a collective look at our perceptions of the 'perfect relationship' or what it is to be the ‘ideal lover' and the potential pressures this causes, alongside our romantic ideals surrounding this.

Playfully exploring some of the key issues we experience with dating as well as our associations surrounding love and vulnerability.

A celebration of human nature, cock ups, vulnerability and all.

The Cat's Back: 15 May, 6.45pm — 7.45pm,
The Cat's Back: 20 May, 9.30pm — 10.30pm
The Cat's Back
86-88 Point Pleasant
SW18 1NN


ComedyTheatre & Performance

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