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I Can't Do This

An exploration of an anxious mind. How did this excited, confident, young weirdo become so scared of everything?

Was it crappy teachers scolding him for his classroom entertainment? His own fear taking over and convincing him that his thoughts aren’t worthy and should be kept to himself? Or his complete inability to 'man up'? Or even know what 'manning up' means? What does manning up mean!!! Who knows? WHO CARES? Well, he does… and so he’s going to try and work it out. On Stage.

The making of a show from the point of view of a terrified performer. A brilliantly hilarious mess of non-sequential ideas passionately formed and quickly decided against in moments of self-doubt and fear. Why should anyone care what he has to say? He clearly doesn't have what it takes to be a performer so shouldn't he just give up and find something else to do with his miserable existence? Yes probably... but no wait, he is talented, his ideas are valuable, he does have something to say! Right?... Right?!... Its taken him fifteen years, but finally, he has 'grown a pair' just big enough to have a go... Oh No ... I can't do this.

The Cat's Back: 5 May, 5.30pm — 6.30pm,
The Cat's Back: 13 May, 6.30pm — 7.30pm
The Cat's Back
86-88 Point Pleasant
SW18 1NN


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