Suzanne Collier

How to Get Paid as a Writer

Love writing? But are you always being asked to write for free? Blogs? Journals? Articles? Novels? Non-fiction? Suzanne Collier, who has been working with writers professionally for 20 years, will tell you how to get paid for doing what you love.

Suzanne Collier is described as THE person to talk to if you want to advance your publishing career.

Suzanne works both with writers and publishers, guiding them on how to make a living. Fully qualified in Career Guidance, and a winner of the Pandora Award, Suzanne will share some key tips to help you forge a paid writing career.

Her book 'How to Job Search in Book Publishing' is due to be published in August 2018.

Waterstone's: 10 May, 7.00pm — 8.30pm
70 St. John's Road
Clapham Junction
SW11 1PT
Tel 020 7978 5844


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