Lauren Byrne and Emma Martin


Tell everybody we're back in town

We only makin' the highlights

I want my whole life to only be highlights

I want my whole life to be mine

One life, one night

Life is a marathon

What you want?

Fame? It rocketed them to stardom and fame. Note: distinction, shimmer, prominence, glitter, consequence, eminence, glory, glimmer and stature.

Following from a season in their home town of Wellington, New Zealand, accompany Lauren Byrne and Emma Martin into their world saturated with beats, boots, sparkle and grooves.

Byrne and Martin are impressive dancers, and they create interesting shapes as they move across the stage.

The show expertly balances dances of intense, sometimes exhausting, energy with quieter and more relaxed though no less skillful scenes.


Tara Theatre: 13 May, 7.00pm ‐ 7.50pm,
Tara Theatre: 14 May, 7.30pm ‐ 8.20pm
Tara Theatre
356 Garratt Lane
SW18 4ES


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