Westdal and Hayward

Fifty Ways to Lose Your Liver

Freyja Westdal and Beth Hayward are two women, one piano and a world of barely contained exasperation.

They are proud residents of South London and therefore fully paid up members of the militant wing of the Liberal Metropolitan Elite.

They have performed at comedy venues and festivals, recently supporting singer-songwriter Dean Freidman on his UK tour and have also been commissioned to write lyrics for the fabulous 'Four Poofs and a Piano'.

Beth Hayward was an actress for eighteen years until she had children. Since then she has spent her time wondering if she ought to have had chickens. She lives with her devoted husband who is apt to refer to her affectionately as “That Lying Machiavellian Trollop.”

Freyja Westdal, ex-waitress, ex-ballerina, ex-actress, ex-agent, ex-stage school proprietor, EXPENSIVE. Freyja hails from Canada and moved to the UK in 1981. The most important things to her are her dogs and she has learned some valuable life lessons from them. When she gets stressed if she can't eat it or play with it she pees on it and walks away.

Come and see how the mayhem ensues.

Wry sharp comedy cabaret, with some singing and bit of smut!

The Selkirk SW17: 17 May, 8.00pm — 9.00pm
The Selkirk SW17
60 Selkirk Road
SW17 0ES
Tel 07952 242878



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