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'Beerey' is a verbatim one act play, sharing the true experience of Elle Beere during and since the arrest and wrongful conviction of her Dad Jon Beere, known as Beerey. Beerey was arrested in 2011 part as part of Operation Disorient (one of the UK's biggest international drugs smuggling busts) in 2011. He is serving twenty four years in prison for a crime he maintains that he did not commit, and is fighting for his freedom alongside the rest of 'The Freshwater Five' (as they have become known).

The play tells the usually hidden story of the impact of a wrongful conviction on the children and family members who get left behind. Elle tells her story of exactly how it feels with total honesty and candor, with no holds barred and big dollop of feisty humor.

At the time of writing Jon Beere and the Freshwater Five are still being held in prison, and their families are still fighting to get the fresh evidence of their innocence heard by the Court of Appeal.

www.5men104years.com is the website set up to tell the full story of all the men and families involved. Profits from the shows to criminalappeals.org.uk

Parental Guidance Advised: There is some distressing subject matter, and some swearing.

The Arches at St Marys Church: 15 May, 8.00pm — 9.00pm,
The Arches at St Marys Church: 16 May, 8.15pm — 9.15pm
The Arches at St Marys Church
High Street
SW15 1SN


Theatre & Performance
Woman pulling a grimaced face and clenching her fist
Woman pulling a grimaced face and clenching her fist
Woman dressed plainly sitting on a chair and talking
Art decco style poster of a modern ship ccrashing towards the viewer through some prison bars with the title 5 men 104 years

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