Pump House Gallery

Spin the bottle: Take two

What will be made this week? Part of our InHouse Project, families are invited to spin the bottle to decide which materials or tools to use and discover what task you are set to complete.

Will you re-create a scene from your favourite film, enact a tableau, set something to music or create an animal that doesn’t exist?

In each workshop, the work created will be recorded as video, audio, image and text. Like an artistic game of consequences, families are invited to add their pieces to the ongoing display and to the game for the next group of ‘Spin the bottle’ players to respond to.

Drop-in workshops for all ages. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Please visit pumphousegallery.org.uk for more information

Pump House Gallery: 20 May, 12.00pm — 4.00pm
Pump House Gallery
Battersea Park
SW11 4NJ
Tel 020 3959 0021




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