Hot Air Baboon Productions / Fragility Takeover

Agenda Benders Presents Witty Gritty Bitty Fitty Committee

Are you prepared for an hour of hys-queeria and comedy aplenty? A sketch show on a cocktail of steroids and rhino viagra.

Hyper-energetic micro-sketches that utilise every weapon in the comedy arsenal, from musical comedy to special effects. You will laugh so hard the jiggle of your collective winter fat will cause a seismic tremor that will destroy the inner city.

Performed by the irreverent Isa Bonachera and the irrelevant Dan Wye.

Your grandchildren will ask where you were when Agenda Benders performed at the Wandsworth Arts Fringe, don’t disappoint them (like you have everyone else).

The Cat's Back: 13 May, 8.00pm — 9.00pm
The Cat's Back
86-88 Point Pleasant
SW18 1NN



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