The Cat's Back / Fragility Takeover

Royal Street Party

Ladies n gents, our ginger prince has unbelievably managed to nab himself a beautiful American actress in an emboldened step away from the golden grain of monarchial marriages via a transatlantic love affair. Way to shake things up old boy. Edward VIII is surely writhing in jealousy but thankfully times have changed and our world is evermore diverse. It seems the royal family has learned to embrace change post scandals and improper liaisons.

Anyway, it seems the local council are equally astonished by Harry’s achievement and as such they have decided to be completely chill about anyone and everyone raving on the street (raving in the old fashioned ‘rave up’ sense of the word). So we're taking to the streets to party as provincial citizens in our United Kingdom in celebration of a Prince and his winsome bride. And the end of the fringe. And the FA cup final. Come one come all and join us for music, cheer and revelry on the 19th May on the street outside The Cat’s Back.

A free event before and during the day's fringe offerings at THE CAT'S BACK.

And upstairs that evening you can see

5pm - Vanessa by Purple Theatre

8pm - The Birds and the Beats by Grant Busé

9:30pm - Numbered Days by Theatre in Black

The Cat's Back: 19 May, 12.00pm — 8.00pm
The Cat's Back
86-88 Point Pleasant
SW18 1NN
Tel 020 8617 3448



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