The Clapham Grand

The Clapham Grand

The Clapham Grand
21-25 St John's Hill
SW11 1TT

Telephone: 020 7223 6523

Area: Battersea / Clapham Junction

Venue Capacity: Up to 360

Contact Name: Ally Wolf / Tomm Ingram

Hire Policy: Rehearsal Spaces - The Grand is most flexible during the daytime. Opportunities to Record Shows - based on the simplicity of the show, to pre-record a show during the day could follow a similar process to hiring us as a rehearsal space. Early Evening Shows at the Venue - if a show has a simple 15-minute get-in, hour long performance, 15-minute get-out - possibility of earlier shows that can end before we open our doors for our evening shows. Or matinees - Shows with more than one date would be quite unlikely. Capacity with social distancing - TOTAL - Up to 360 (not including boxes) STALLS - Up to 140 (depending on seats, tables, streaming, etc) CIRCLE - Up to 120 (depending on seats, tables, streaming, etc) UPPER CIRCLE - Up to 100 (depending on seats, streaming, etc)


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