Logo Guidelines

Wandsworth Arts Fringe logo guidelines

If you are producing print material you must use our logo. It’s an important way of contextualising your event within the umbrella of Wandsworth Arts Fringe and ties your event to a much broader marketing campaign.

We have created A4 and A5 templates with the correct logo strips for potential print material. There are templates in a variety of colours and both with and without bleeds in a variety of file formats.

If you are producing artwork for print material that does not fit with the A4 and A5 templates provided, or you need to fit more logos on than our A4 and  A5 templates allow, please use the logo files below.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Please send us a couple of copies of your print material (unfortunately we can’t distribute it for you, but we love seeing it!) Our address is Wandsworth Arts service, Wandsworth Town Hall, Wandsworth High St, London SW18 2PU.
  • You must use the Wandsworth Arts Fringe logo, which is always accompanied by the Wandsworth Council logo.
  • The logos you use must be the up-to-date versions downloadable here, not historic logos used in previous years.
  • The proportions must not be altered (i.e. don’t stretch, warp or distort the logos).
  • The minimum size for the WAF logo is 22mm, and the minimum size for the Wandsworth Council is 20mm.
  • Please use the logos appropriate to your artwork. There are white versions for dark/colour backgrounds, and colour logos for white/light/pale backgrounds. Legibility is key, make sure you can read everything in the logo!
  • If you received funding from the WAF Grant Fund, you must use the separate WAF Grant Fund logo strip on all of your marketing material.