This page includes creative activities you can do at home as part of WAF in Your Living Room 2020 programme.

Nine Elms Arts Ministry
Hope in Nine Elms

Let's share HOPE across the whole community of Battersea and Nine Elms!

In 2020 we have never needed hope so much. After the 2019 successful 'Hope Pop Up' at the Nine Elms Pavilion, this year Nine Elms Arts Ministry are taking the Hope in Nine Elms project online so that everyone can take part and get creative from their own homes, in spite of lockdown, spreading hope to the whole community of Battersea and Nine Elms.

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Bounce Theatre - STORY CLUB
WAF Digital Packs

STORY CLUB is for anyone who loves stories! Using the power of our imaginations, we will take ourselves on wild adventures, become superheroes and travel the world!

These special festival packs include activities such as sculpture making, urban art collaging, story-telling and dramaYou can do a section at a time, or you can take different ideas from each bit! 

Download Story Club 1 here (vertical)

Download Story Club 1 here (horizontal)

Download Story Club 2 - Acts of Kindness


Agora Arts Circle

  24 May, 12.00pm

Every day, Agora Arts Circle will propose movies but you can perfectly come up with your own! Love it or hate it? Just share it!

Show us your response to the movie, this could be a reaction shot or, if you’re feeling creative, try and re-enact a scene!

Just have fun and share it with us, using the hashtags #WAF2020 and #KinoWAF20.

Don’t forget to mention the name of the movie and scene in your caption and to add @agoraartscircle so we can share the craziest ones on @WAFfringe!

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Woodfield Project
Learn to draw with the addictive sketcher

9 May, 1.00pm — 2.00pm
10 May, 1.00pm — 2.00pm

Artist and TV Presenter, Adebanji Alade Artist, will teach his audience how to sketch people and a view outside your window, via live stream.

Viewers will be invited to submit any sketches they produce after his demonstrations to the Woodfield Pavilion as entries to an open art competition.

There will be a prize for each category, under 16’s and adults. Please submit drawings to the Woodfield email giving your name and age. Entries will be judged by Adebanji and Kate Bryan, Sky Arts Presenter and Judge of Sky Portrait/Landscape Artist of the Year.

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Beatrice Boivineau
10 positions meditations from Japanese Tenshintaido

10 May, 7.00pm — 7.45pm
19 May, 7.00pm — 7.45pm

We will start by Japanese soft stretching and relaxing movements, and then we will practice two kinds of standing meditation (you can practice it seating on a chair too).

The first one is very simple. It is a two minutes exercise to become an empty vessel to connect Heaven and Earth.

The second one is a 10 positions meditation. We will practice the 10 positions several times, and then you will choose one position to make a short meditation.

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Beatrice Boivineau
Become as soft as a seaweed with Japanese Tenshintaido

11 May, 11.00am — 11.35am
18 May, 12.00pm — 12.35pm

Imagine you are a seaweed in the ocean, and that you are dancing with the waves, just following and enjoying the movements of the ocean. Your body and mind are completely relaxed, without any tension or fear.

This is the goal of this 30/40 min Japanese Tenshintaido body practice session.

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E33 Dance Company
Company Ballet Class - Open to the Community

11 May, 12.00pm

All welcome, however, some prior ballet or dance experience would be beneficial. Classes are at intermediate level and upwards.

Classes are taught by E33 directors or dancers and are friendly and accessible with a focus on each individual's holistic wellbeing.

We look forward to dancing with you during lockdown!

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Ubuntu Museum
The Nude Gallery: Colour of Inclusion

13 May, 9.00am
20May, 9.00am
22 May, 9.00am
23 May, 10.00am — 10.30am

Founded in 2018, Ubuntu Museum: The African Museum of Humanity is a social enterprise with a mission to celebrate cultural inclusion within education, the arts and commerce.

Our first ever gallery, 'The Nude Gallery is a collection of stories and objects exploring the subjects of diversity and inclusion in dance, medical, educational and commercial items e.g. ballet shoes, plasters, crayons, make-up etc.

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Beatrice Boivineau
Tenbu Teshinryu Japanese sword initiation & Demonstration

13 May, 12.00pm — 12.45am
20 May, 4.00pm — 4.45pm

Just take what you have at home, a little stick, the wand of Harry Potter... Everything is fine!

All you need is a 2m x 1m space in your room.

Then let's enjoy Kenbu Tenshinryu Japanese sword initiation with this sword!

Kenbu Tenshinryu (Playing/dancing with a sword) is the last creation in the Tenshintaido body practices founded by Master Hiroyuki Aoki.

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Beatrice Boivineau
Express your energy and who you really are with Japanese Tenshintaido

15 May, 12.00pm — 12.45am
18 May, 12.00pm — 12.35pm

Doing this, express and strengthen your inner energy of life (ki), and express your potentials. This is the goal of this 45 mn Japanese Tenshintaido body practice session.

Tenshintaido, a group of body practices created by Master Hiroyuki Aoki, focuses on attaining true freedom and creating peace and harmony through physical expression.

Using our body, we can learn to live in harmony with self, society, nature and the fundamental life force of the universe.

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Beatrice Boivineau
Guess the meaning of Japanese Kanji and write/draw it

16 May, 10.00am — 10.50am
23 May,10.00am — 10.50am

First looking at very old Japanese character forms (they look like drawings) and guess the meaning, then write it (modern form) or draw it (old form).

This workshop was created for the COVID period, to do some new & quiet activity at home.

Required tools: paintbrush (children brush is ok) and paint, or big pen if you want, several sheets of paper.

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HelenandJohn - Creative Explorers

18 May, 11.00am — 11.30am


First of five short videos that encourage creative exploration in the home.

Each video will explore encourage little inquisitive minds to complete challenges around their home and discover new things. No equipment is needed!

What can we find together with our little puppet who leads us through these challenges? Can we start to see our homes in a new way?

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Stars Performing Art Clubs
'Wicked' Drama Workshop Ages 9-16 - Online

21 May, 6.00pm — 8.00pm

Join Stars for drama games, exercises and script work, based on the smash-hit musical 'Wicked!'.

We'll explore the story and characters, and rehearse a short extract from the show.

Stars are a local, young, non-franchise performing arts company based in Earlsfield. Our lessons are taught by West End Professionals with a passion for teaching.

All teachers have enhanced DBS checks, safeguarding and first aid training.

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8 May, ongoing

This activity booklet is part of the Create & Learn PlayKits that were put together by a group of organisations from Wandsworth. These PlayKits also contain basic and art materials so that children aged 6-10 years old have got something fun to do, are able to make things and have got the materials to do that with.

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