Phoebe McIntosh


Dominoes tells the story of Layla, a mixed-race history teacher preparing to marry Andy, when she discovers that they have a shared history; one she finds unsettling and a threat to her friendships, her sense of identity and the wedding itself. As Layla pieces together her family tree, reminisces about the past and worries about the future, she tries to hold onto her friendship and her relationship, find out who she is and where she fits in.

Written and performed by Phoebe McIntosh, this bold solo show presents the mixed-race experience from a new perspective and asks if the difficulties of the past will always pose a threat to the future and if discovering your identity means picking a side.

Tara Theatre: 11th May 2017 - 8.00PM to 9.00PM,
The Cat's Back: 19th May 2017 - 8.00PM to 9.00PM,
The Cat's Back: 20th May 2017 - 3.00PM to 4.00PM
£10 for The Cat's Back online and to book tickets for Tara Theatre please call (0)20 8333 4457 online at
The Cat's Back
86-88 Point Pleasant
SW18 1NN
Tara Theatre
356 Garratt Lane
SW18 4ES
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