What's On 2017

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Gil Mualem-Doron
The New Union Flag Pageantry
Eleonore Pironneau
ART AND IMAGES / How to interpret and create art
Leggy Blonde Productions
My Fanny Valentine
Perfect Rags
Mark Lester Steps Aboard
Work and Play Scrapstore
Watch This Space
Pitchbend Productions
Hoops and Loops
Wandsworth Welcomes Refugees
Refugee stories: surviving & celebrating
Dan Simpson
Dan Simpson: Artificial Ineloquence
Simon Clayton
Simon Clayton is a Coconut?
Tom Green
Tom Molineaux
Pump House Pavilion
Opening Event
Miranda Kane
Crossbones - The Outcast Dead
Agora Art Circle
Book Hunt, From a Book to Another
Battersea Artists & Makers
Pump House Pavilion
LUX Screening
Louis Morel
Melody of Madness
Glass Half Full Theatre
The Monologues of a Tired Nurse
Yvette Vanson
Disappearing Worlds
Lobster Quadrille
Roehampton Outdoor Art Movement
Don't Panic
Alexander Cofield
Woolly: The Morose Merino
Iain Gibbons
The Performance
Blackshaw Theatre Company
Some Treachery: A Miss McSkimming Mystery (live radio play)
Rebecka Pershagen
Daddy Issues
Phoebe McIntosh
Pump House Pavilion
Everything Stops For Tea
Pump House Gallery
The Graveney and Meadow Public House
Swing and Sing into Summer with Fuzion and the Treblemakers
Anna B Sexton and Fanny Martin
Find Yourself Creative Walk
Lesley Stone
Be Prepared!
FILTH Presents
A Woman in Search
The Battersea Society
The Stained Glass Windows in St Mary's Church Battersea
VINCI St Modwen (VSM) & New Covent Garden Market
London's Vegetable Orchestra
In The Quirks Theatre
The Missing Girl of Grigglewood
The GAFA Arts Collective (GAC)
Cabaret Frangipani
Old Joe's Fish 'n' Chill
Damian Stuart
Remember Scarborough
Fragility's Extra [special] Slots
Dark Roots
Untitled Doc
Debra Watson
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme More: LOVE!
Lightbox Theatre
YoPro Collective
The Performance Salon
Edward Day
Super Hamlet 64: Parody DLC
New Stagers
Scene Unseen
Opera Pick 'n Mix
Asinati CIC Presents...
The Official launch of Asinati CIC with Open Mic
Immediate Productions
The Confessional
Pump House Pavilion
Front Room Stories: Community Cloth, Community Clothes
Dragonflies Theatre
HIV Monologues, 2017 From AIDS to PrEP: Love, Sex & HIV
Secret Platform Theatre
Everything Stops for Tea
Wes Barker
Drunk Magic
Pump House Pavilion
Alice Wilson: Cheap Laughs
Amelia Critchlow
Spectral Paradigms | Contemporary Art Exhibition
Magdalene Players
Play On!
Anita Wadsworth
Show and Tell
Urbn Theatr
Spare Tyre
'Over The Road' Exhibition
Al Clogston
Little Folk with Albo
Edward Day
Clowning with Shakespeare
Deborah Burnstone
Video installation
Katherine Low Settlement Gold & Silver Players
The Wait
Alleyway Radical Theatre and Friends
'Here I Am' Shadow Theatre and Musical Performances
Sisters of Eden
Volume I: Blood
Outerglobe presents Mosi Conde Kaira Kora Afrika + Koral Society
Theatre N16
The 49
Spilt Milk
Spilt Milk Presents...
Cordon Bleugh
Cooking with Juniper
Abigail Lipski Susan Barnard
Phantom Atlas
South London Jazz Orchestra
Strike Up The Band!
Dirty Rascals
The Hunger Artist
Joe Palermo
Memoires of an Italian Stallion
Kaleidoscopic Arts
Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform
Lunas Dance Project
There are no such words
Debbie Golt - Outerglobe.co.uk
Outerglobe Vinyl Salon and Q&A
Pump House Pavilion
Potatoes Are Immigrants
Femmes By The Thames
Breakup Stories
Dende Collective
Pump House Pavilion
Imagined Stories
Ismena Collective
Hairspray, Champagne and the Classics
Pump House Pavilion
Mixed Messages
Pump House Pavilion
Tea & Talk with Neville
Compulsive Theatre in association with Theatre503 and the Racing Post
Wes Barker
Drunk Magic
London Sustainability Exchange
Pollinator Paths Wandsworth
Hercules Fisherman
Sumi Live Paintings and Workshops
Tiny Monster Productions
Hidden Heathbrook
Little Soldier Productions
Expect Fireworks
Hector Dyer
Thank you for your patience
Clapham Chorus & Friends
Celebrate All Voices
Nikki Watson
CoDa Dance Company Presents Outside-In
Extant Theatre
Catching the Ghost
The Antique Breadboard Museum
Pop-up Gallery
Squelch Quartet
Live at the 'BBC'
The Miraculous Theatre Company
The Brooklyn Healer, drop in surgery
Glass Half Full Theatre
C'est La Vie
Sprout Arts
Furzedown Affordable Art Show 2017 @ Sprout Arts
Pump House Pavilion
Your Side of the Story
Putney Theatre Company
My Mother Said I Never Should
Seren Theatre
Mum's The Word
Chocolate Films
The Biggest Animation
Puppets with Guts
Rampaging Rhinoceros - an interactive big puppet mass movement spectacle
Black Sheep Productions
Full Circle
Three Feathers Theatre Company
Tortoise and Rabbit
Two Old Bags
Behaving Badly
Oily Cart
Oily Cart's Theatre For People With Complex Learning Disabilities - A practical, hands-on introduction.
National Opera Studio and Burntwood School
Captivating Creatures
drova FM
Midnight Musings with Myrtle
Psychopomp! Theatre Collective
Until Dead
Konrad Dobschuetz
The Open Exhibition
Anna Galek
The Green Coat
Providence House
Little People, Big Ideas
Eddie Forde
Putney Poems
Ross Spaine & Marga Villalonga
El Tradition
Tom Green
Seconds Out!
Nularse Liveset
London Sustainability Exchange
Pollinator Paths Wandsworth
Outerglobe - Debbie Golt
Outerglobe presents Sisters of Reggae Vinyl DJ's & special live guests
Femmes By The Thames
A Night of Reinvention
The Transience
An Elemental Cycle of Life and Death in Four Acts
Mapped Productions
Nova Insula
Pump House Pavilion
The New Union Flag Project
Music at St Michael's
Pièces de clavecin en concerts, Rameau by The Bach Players
Lois Temel
Sue Kibby
Artists discussion group
Mischief Makers
Madi Maxwell-Libby
Secret Platform Theatre
Everything Stops for Tea
Prospero Theatre Company
The Elephant of My Heart : An Interactive Kid's Workshop
Matt Price
The Weed Fairy
Norman the Dapper Rapper
Brexit Fallout Shelter
Vinegar Strokes
Single As F**k! - Work In Progress
The Bicycle Ballet Co
Blazing Saddles
Sky or the Bird
Still I See My Baby
The Wandsworth Society
Uncertain Light: Marion Molteno and her new novel
The Storyteller of Southfields - Hannah Need
Life, Death and Dreams Along the Way
Gil Mualem-Doron
The New Union Flag Project at Tooting Market
Martin Wimbush
A Meeting of Minds
Sue Bevan
An Audience With Shurl
Louise Reay
Louise Reay: Hard Mode
Happenings Artists
Locals Art Hut
Flagz Carnival Day
Outerglobe.co.uk - Debbie Golt
Outerglobe Female DJ Relay
Isadora Vibes
Dada For Girls - SPILT
Rough Triangle
At The End There's A Dance
World Heart Beat Music Academy
Grand Launch of the World Heart Beat Chamber Orchestra
The Putney and Wandsworth Brass Band (North London Brass Network)